Spring… where are you?

Crossing from one continent to other… Thinking in better sunny and warm days the “vapur” stops for a few minutes to pick and leave no more than a couple of dozens of passengers on the “Haydarpaşa Iskele” that it is a Train Station from the 18th century as well and is still perfectly working since then… (except for the last floor that got fire last year)
Talking about cold…
This is my second winter in Istanbul but my first time with -0c temperatures….so… I’m only thinking in the arriving of summer….
Warm hugs from me, who’s now under the rain and snow. of this cold, wet, rainy, crazy, wild, snowy but lovely city.. Istanbul not Constantinopla…. 😉

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3 thoughts on “Spring… where are you?

    • Thank you very much 🙂 it’s really great what it feels when someone( who you don’t know and is in somewhere in the world where u don’t know) appreciate something you have done…
      saludos from Istanbul….

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